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A High Academic Standard

The academic program at Evolutions Preschool places an emphasis on every aspect of our student’s growth and development. We take advantage of the natural curiosity children possess by having our teachers present new information in creative ways whereby students learn through exploring and understanding using their own emotions and experiences.


Our general curriculum includes a variety of challenging courses that meet or exceed state requirements. Suitable class sizes and exceptional, qualified teachers allow Evolutions Preschool to offer an intimate and inclusive educational environment, while also ensuring each student receives the individualized

attention and support they need.


Curriculum Specifics:


  • Reading activities and book selections based on weekly themes, each week we present an individual letter of the alphabet.  

  • We will work on math skills that include numbers, shapes, patterns and sequencing.  We provide many hands on activities, puzzles, and sequence tasks.  

  • We will focus on everyday subjects such as understanding the world around us.  We will discuss getting ready for school, the weather, food, plants, and the seasons.  

  • Students learn to work cooperatively with classmates and have the opportunity to choose independent activities as well as be involved in group learning experiences daily.  

  • We mix in a wide range of creative art activities; dance, singing, creative movement & art.


Sample of Our Day:



While students are arriving there will be open play time and or quiet time. The teacher will work on name recognition and the child will discover the classroom.



We begin our day with a "Morning Meeting" on the carpet. Each student will have a job. After the jobs have been completed, the featured storybook read, and the day's activities have been presented, we wash our hands and have a snack at the table.


We provide one healthy snack per day that the students will enjoy at the table together.


10:40 - 11:00

The rest of our busy morning students can choose to play in each themed area of the room. An imagination play area and a fine motor manipulative area, in which art supplies are always available. The teacher is able to work with each student individually to meet their learning needs.


11:00- 11:30

We clean up our classroom and get ready for music & dance time.



Students enjoy a musical activity, dancing, singing, playing instruments or performing. then students are dismissed to parents. 



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